WorldShare® Metadata Services

Improve workflow efficiency and collection visibility with a complete metadata solution.

WorldShare Collection Manager improves access to your e-collections, by automating WorldCat holdings maintenance and delivery of MARC records for updates and deletions. This ensures your e-collections are accurate and always up to date, which allows patrons to find and access your library resources through your discovery interface.

With WorldShare Record Manager you can create new and enrich existing items in WorldCat with efficient, record-at-a-time metadata management for your physical and electronic materials.

The benefits of WorldShare® Metadata Services

  • Improve e-resource workflow efficiencies and increase collection visibility
  • Improve discovery and access of your electronic resources
  • Receive MARC records with ongoing updates for DDA titles
  • Cooperatively create and share your collections with the community
  • Streamline record-at-a-time cataloguing for physical and electronic resources

For more information on WorldShare® Metadata Services, visit the OCLC website.

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