Since all Sabinet services are web based, your end users can access the services directly via your intranet. This can easily be achieved by making use of IP authentication. This method of access is very convenient since no user id and password are required.

You simply need to:
  • Contact your Sabinet Portfolio Manager and provide the IP address ranges of your network for which access is required.
  • Add the required html links to your intranet. These links are provided by Sabinet and are available on our website

Following these simple steps will ensure that access to the Sabinet services are one click away.

Link from your intranet directly to our services by using any of the following link source codes: Login: Sabinet User ID & Password Access
<a href=""></a>

IP Authentication Access to:

<a href="">SabinetLaw Website </a>

All Legal Products
<a href="">All Legal Products </a>

Search All Legal Products
<a href="">Search All Legal Products </a>

Legal Products: Individual Databases
Bill Tracker
<a href="">Bill Tracker </a>

Deceased Estates
<a href="">Deceased Estates</a>

Government Gazettes
<a href="">Government Gazettes</a>

Government Gazette Index
<a href="">Government Gazette Index</a>

Law & Government
<a href="">Law & Government</a>

<a href="">Liquidations</a>

Monitoring Newsletters
<a href="">Monitoring Newsletters</a>

Municipal By-laws
<a href=""> Municipal By-laws</a>

Municipal By-laws - Eastern Cape
<a href="">Municipal By-laws - Eastern Cape</a>

Municipal By-laws - Free State
<a href="">Municipal By-laws - Free State</a>

Municipal By-laws - Gauteng
<a href="">Municipal By-laws - Gauteng</a>

Municipal By-laws - KwaZulu-Natal
<a href="">Municipal By-laws - KwaZulu-Natal </a>

Municipal By-laws - Limpopo
<a href="">Municipal By-laws - Limpopo</a>

Municipal By-laws - Mpumalanga
<a href="">Municipal By-laws - Mpumalanga</a>

Municipal By-laws - North West
<a href="">Municipal By-laws - North West</a>

Municipal By-laws - Northern Cape
<a href="">Municipal By-laws - Northern Cape</a>

Municipal By-laws - Western Cape
<a href="">Municipal By-laws - Western Cape</a>

Links to Individual NetLaw Acts

Netlaw: SA Legislation
<a href="">Netlaw: SA Legislation</a>

Netlaw Custom List (Engineering and Mining)
<a href="">Netlaw Custom List (Engineering and Mining)</a>

NetLaw Custom List (Health, Safety and Environment)
<a href="">NetLaw Custom List (Health, Safety and Environment)</a>

Netlaw What's New
<a href="">Netlaw What's New</a>

Parliamentary Bills
<a href="">Parliamentary Bills</a>

Policy Documents
<a href="">Policy Documents</a>

Provincial Gazettes
<a href="">Provincial Gazettes</a>

Provincial Legislation
<a href="">Provincial Legislation</a>

Provincial NetLaw
<a href="">Provincial NetLaw</a>

Retrospective Government Gazettes
<a href="">Retrospective Government Gazettes</a>

Retrospective Provincial Gazettes
<a href="">Retrospective Provincial Gazettes</a>

Sabinet Labour
<a href="">Sabinet Labour</a>