Sabinet PowerReview

PowerReview is a hassle-free online manuscript submission and peer review system that helps publishers and journals expedite their editorial process. It includes configurable workflows and roles, automated emails, configurable roles, and the online storage and tracking of files and forms.



Access control - Restricted access to

  • Relevant information of manuscripts
  • Download of source/ PDF version
  • Reviewer information and reviews

Author / Reviewer Database

  • Maintain Author/Reviewer database
  • Search reviewer database with criteria such as name, email ID, subject specialisation area, country
  • Grant rights to Author to become reviewer

System Notifications

  • Systems notifies corresponding user with auto-email notifications on every sign-over event
  • All correspondence is registered and available for later access with manuscript details
  • Notifications are generated using mail template text that can be customised
  • Emails can be edited using any text for personal touch before sending out emails

Tracking and follow up

  • Auto-assignment of manuscript ID for easy tracking. ID format is customisable.
  • Status reports for tracking manuscripts
  • Follow up by auto reminders in case the user fails to respond on time
  • Timeline of each activity can be set for sending out reminders


  • The system is fully customisable in terms of publisher workflows and branding.
  • The Online Peer Review saves 25% of an editor’s time because of automated processes such as email templates/editor’s letters/notifications etc.
  • Copyright resides with the publisher, Sabinet only delivers the service and the local support thereof.
  • The ORCID integration aids in building a trusted research information infrastructure by asserting the connection between reviewers and their review activity and other contributions.
  • Sabinet carries the risk of the everchanging exchange rate: a fixed amount is quoted for the publisher and is fixed for the year. We believe that this will help with better budget planning.
  • Fully integrate with SciPris for effortless invoicing management for Open Access publications.
  • Sabinet provides local support and training when and where needed. We strive to provide excellent client service at all time.
  • All the systems are fully integrated with services such as CrossRef, ORCID, PubMed etc.
  • The integration with Sabinet African Journals will be seamless.