Online Publishing/Production System

PXE - a browser-based authoring and content processing tool is designed to act as an interface between subject matter experts, reviewers and content professionals. Publishing is a process fraught with challenges and, from the outset, PXE was architected with not only streamlining the way you work but also with these challenges in mind.


  • Intuitive-designed interface – empowering staff and freelancers to work faster and more efficiently.
  • Contactless access on a 24/7 basis - Ability to work remotely and edit materials offline.
  • A cloud-based infrastructure with a holistic approach to authoring and content processing – not just a retrofit for your traditional production processes.


  • Implementation doesn’t disrupt the way your staff are doing business now. Sabinet understands the finesse required to publish materials on-time and knows that any interruptions can be incredibly costly. Easy integration is part and parcel of PXE.
  • Through PXE’s integration of content creation as well as editing and formatting into a single offering, it takes a comprehensive approach to streamlining your workflow.
  • One development and implementation fee which, translates into the different formats; Print ready PDF, XML, EPUB3 which can render in EPUB2.
  • A local touchpoint for using an international tool and currency woes can be circumvented.
  • Local-time support to suit your organisation - assistance when and where you need it.