Sabinet African Archives

An online index to Africa’s rich and diverse history

Sabinet African Archives is a growing index of thousands of consolidated African archives as well as special collections consisting of manuscripts, newspaper clippings, photographs, articles and more, to researchers with an interest in Africa.

Sabinet’s objective is to facilitate easy access to African archives for researchers and historians. With our continent at the core of its design, Sabinet is driven to create something which can serve both local and international users interested in learning about Africa.

Without a single, reliable and up-to-date resource for researchers interested in archival options available in South Africa and Africa, there is this challenge as to how best to proceed when it comes to not only accessing critical information but, more importantly, preserving what is still in physical form.

Ease of access to accurate and reliable information breaks down barriers. It lays the foundation for opportunity, for collaboration and for growth, all of which can help people prosper. Sabinet’s respected and reliable knowledge portfolio integrates content, technology, and service to provide easy, round-the-clock access to credible online information from Africa and about Africa.

The Beta phase of the product roadmap is available free of charge.