Policy Commons

2.5 MILLION PAGES OF…working papers, books, reports, policy briefs, tables, charts, and so much more.

Policy Commons is an online discovery service which is a one-stop platform housing objective research and information from a number of the world’s leading think tanks, policy experts, NGOs and more. With over 21,000 organisations contributing to Policy Commons, it’s one of the largest repositories around.

When it comes to discovery, Policy Commons keeps a collective eye on number of facets that include:

  • Coverage of major and minor organisations
    With a magnifying glass that spans international organisations all the way down to a select list of smaller organisations, Policy Commons indexes content from around the world.
  • On-demand coverage
    With the option to select three policy organisations, institutional members can customise what content really matters to them.
  • An eye on Africa
    With over 700 think tanks, over 160 organisations and more than 45,000 reports (to date), Policy Commons has a sizeable and steadily growing content base of Africa-centric materials.
  • Preserving what’s important
    Every record housed in the Policy Commons database has its own persistent identifier and, where possible, saved copies preserve these materials for the future. This means you can cite materials with confidence that they’ll be there for years to come.


Policy Commons provides open access to a number of open resources and 25 free searches per month following free registration. But, with a Policy Commons Institutional Membership, you’ll gain access to a unique search and discovery index offering:

  • Over 500,000 pieces of premium, licensed content from a number of think tanks and other organisations.
  • Over 100,000 preserved documents from just under 350 organisations which have disappeared.
  • The Canadian Public Policy Document Collection which houses around 60,000 items dating all the way back to 1953.
  • A robust and searchable directory with detailed entries for 21,100 think tanks, research institutes, NGOs and more.

Feature-filled and ready to be put to work, Policy Commons adds value to its offering through:

  • Comprehensive coverage
    With daily and weekly feeds, users are provided timely and extensive coverage of over 60 major NGOs and IGOs.
  • Guaranteed access
    Links break and organisations close, but with Policy Commons’ growing collection of saved copies, access is constant.
  • Personalised alerts
    With customisable alerts, users can stay up to date with what really matters to them, receiving emails highlighting new materials as they are added to the database.
  • Community collection
    Gain access to a growing collection of community uploads. Users can also submit their own materials to this collection.
  • Elusive entities
    Specialised coverage of over 1,000 hard-to-find NGOs, NPOs and research centres.
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