Sabinet Labour

Sabinet Labour

A comprehensive resource for your labour information needs, providing up-to-date, reported and unreported labour judgments in full-text.

Raise the bar with:

  • Access to 29 Labour Related Acts with all their Rules and Regulations - viewed in a list format
  • Cases related to section of the Acts - a list containing every Act and the sections of that Act that have been referred to in Sabinet Labour
  • All Labour Forms
  • Direct links to the Rules of Court, Practice directives and various Labour procedures
  • Labour and Pension Fund Judgments both reported and unreported made available within 5 days of receiving it from court
  • Judgments that are linked to articles which discuss that specific judgment. Where possible, these articles link to the full text in our African Journals product (African Journals Labour Collection)
  • The only company that has all of the up-to-date Bargaining Council Agreements for all Registered Bargaining Councils
  • A – Z lists of Bargaining Councils, Statutory Councils, Trade Unions, Trade Union Federation and Employer’s Organisations which contain their contact details, Registration Notice, Intention to Register or De-Register Notices and Cancellation Notices

* Subscribers can either subscribe to the complete labour product or individually to either Labour Judgments or Bargaining Council Agreements. 

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