Provincial Legislation (Provincial NetLaw)

Provincial Legislation (Provincial NetLaw)

Sabinet's Provincial Legislation is a South African first. Not only does it allow you to see all Provincial Legislation together with Regulations in terms of Acts and Ordinances applicable today, but also as they appeared at a specific point in South African history since 1910.

Our clients have come to rely on the timeous delivery of up-to-date, reliable and comprehensive provincial legislation from our Provincial NetLaw collection.

With its point-in-time search functionality that enables you to zero in on a specific date or period from 1910 and full-text links to specific versions of a piece of provincial legislation or legislation applicable and in force today, you also get a complete retrospective view of the legislation's history.

The benefits of Provincial Legislation (Provincial NetLaw)

  • A weekly newsletter keeps you abreast of changes in legislation, saving you valuable research time
  • Alphabetical and chronological listings of Acts, Ordinances and Regulations currently in force and applicable to each province
  • Graphic timeline displays show the amendment frequency of Legislation
  • Direct links to related historical gazette information
  • New provinces are linked to the old provincial structure, making it easy for you to reference information prior to 1994
  • Clearly marked amendments mean that it's easy for you to see which amendments apply to which version of the Legislation

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