Bill Tracker and Policy Documents

Stay abreast of the updated present status of every Bill tabled before Parliament, as well as draft Bills, policy documents, submissions and other documents, with Sabinet's Bill Tracker and Policy Documents service.

Updated daily, this service offers access to all information about Bills tabled before Parliament, including the complete Bill history as well as access to Draft Bills, Committee Reports, Submissions to Parliament, Speeches by Ministers and other documents sourced from Parliament.

The benefits of Bill Tracker and Policy Documents

  • The complete history of every bill is available
  • Stay up to date and current with changes to Bills and Policy Documents
  • Enjoy a full Bill profile and history, with direct, full-text links to important related documents, such as Acts, submissions, the Gazette in which the promulgated Bill is published and corresponding Bills
  • Access a comprehensive and searchable archive of Replies to Questions in Parliament from July 2011 to present day
  • Indexed Lists to save you time