• What was the headline in The Star in September 1978

    What was the headline in The Star in September 1978

    Sabinet can tell you.
    Comprehensive full-text historic data combined with ease of use equals news research you can trust.

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  • Africa Country Benchmark  Report

    Africa Country Benchmark Report

    Comprising of 19 000 data inputs - scores, ranks and insightfully assesses each African country holistically.

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  • Our Legacy

    Our Legacy

    Over 30 years of changing lives through access to accurate information.

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    With a focus on African research.
    More than 430 titles and 350 000 full text articles in nine different collections.

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  • Our Collections

    Our Collections

    Explore credible, comprehensive, and accurate research.
    Business and Finance; Education; Labour; Law; Medicine and Health; Science, Technology and Agriculture; Religion as well as Social Sciences and Humanities.

  • To Pack a Punch in Labour, you Need the Right Tools

    To Pack a Punch in Labour, you Need the Right Tools

    Exclusive links to comprehensive Legal Information, Labour Judgments, Bargaining Council Agreements and more…

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  • Bill Tracker & Parliamentary Documents

    Bill Tracker & Parliamentary Documents

    South Africa’s complete legislative history - from first discussions to becoming an Act.
    Reliable. Accurate. Easy Access.

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  • Saving you Time and Money

    Saving you Time and Money

    We proudly partner with OCLC to bring you world-class products and services for your library.

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  • Don't let Fake News skew your  Research

    Don't let Fake News skew your Research

    Get connected to reliable and up-to-date news and specialist content.

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  • Library Solutions

    Innovative library service offering including collaborative cataloguing, interlending and end-to-end library management systems.

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  • Information Services

    African journal content, news research services and South African legal information - one of the most reliable specialist information providers in Africa.

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  • Digitisation

    Preservation of your valuable documents for easy access electronically.

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