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  • Beating the pressure in the legal industry

    Beating the pressure in the legal industry CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 10 September 2019 - The legal profession moves at breakneck speed and legal professionals are under constant pressure to keep up and ensure that the information they have at their

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  • Digitisation – can you afford not to?

    Digitisation – can you afford not to? CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 16 July 2019 - The way we create, keep and share information has undergone a massive transformation over the past few decades. And as the world prepares for the Fourth Industrial

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  • Legal registers - what’s all the fuss about?

    Legal registers - what’s all the fuss about? CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 16 May 2019 - Although there is no hard and fast law that requires companies to use legal registers, legal compliance without them is a nightmare no compliance manager wants

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  • Having only half the information can cost you

    CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 23 April 2019 - Business, government and legal professionals will agree that not knowing where pending legislation is in the lengthy legislative process can be damaging to the reputation as well as the bottom line. There are

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  • Sabinet sponsoring 40 Attorney Development Fund beneficiaries

    CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 12 February 2019 - As part of its ongoing commitment to developing the knowledge economy within South Africa, Sabinet - a local leader in facilitating access to credible information sources - has sponsored 40 of the Attorney Development Fund’s

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  • Shaping the value chain of scholarly publishing in Africa

    CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 05 February 2019 - As a recognised leader in the South African information industry, Sabinet recognises the need for research. Sabinet is committed to being a partner for African publishers by adding value and providing support to

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  • Recognising leading South African researchers

    CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 27 November 2018 – Research is a critical tool to build knowledge and facilitate learning and is essential to advancements in virtually all disciplines. The annual National Research Foundation (NRF) Awards recognise and celebrate excellence amongst top

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  • The Digital Virus: Have you been vaccinated?

    CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 27 September 2018 - A study conducted by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is showing that humans are to blame for the spread of the digital virus commonly referred to as fake news. While

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  • Bring it on

    CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 31 August 2018 - Unity and strength in numbers drove 20,000 women of all races to the Union Buildings in South Africa’s capital 62 years ago to demand that a woman should not have to carry a

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  • Sabinet and the National Library of South Africa partner for improved knowledge sharing

    CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 08 February 2018 - Libraries across the globe support and inspire the communities they engage with. They play a pivotal role in promoting the advancement of knowledge and yet are faced with an array of challenges that

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  • Sabinet South African National Legislation (NetLaw)

    CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 10 January 2018 - The cost of doing business within South Africa, along with the cost of running an educational institution is growing, and extremely quickly too. One essential piece of this cost-puzzle can be found in

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  • A legacy of empowering through knowledge

    CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 25 October 2017 - For over 30 years, Sabinet has been committed to changing lives through providing access to information. Sharing knowledge not only empowers individuals but it supports education and upliftment and in turn influences the

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  • LIASA 2017: Western Cape librarian wins Sabinet-sponsored award

    CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 06 October 2017 - In keeping with their continued support of LIASA, Sabinet was this year proud to sponsor the LIASA Librarian of the Year 2017 2nd Runner-Up Award. Hearty congratulations go to Jeremiah Pietersen on his

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  • Sabinet: 2016 Winning librarian Mercia Sias – the journey continues

    CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 28 September 2017 - A year ago, Western Cape librarian Mercia Sias was recognised by LIASA for her outstanding achievements and accomplishments in the library and information services sector. She was awarded first runner-up SA Librarian of

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  • Sabinet Library Solutions

    CENTURION Pretoria, South Africa, 28 August 2017 - Africa’s premier information service, Sabinet has the very best solutions on offer for the researcher in you. Sabinet is celebrating more than 30 years of top quality solutions through its library management offerings

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