WorldShare® Acquisitions

Unify selection and acquisition management for all your physical and electronic resources.

Perform all your acquisitions functions from one interface. WorldShare Acquisitions increases efficiency for your staff by supporting the selection, acquisition and maintenance of physical and electronic resources in a single interface that's integrated with all other WorldShare applications, such as Record Manager and License Manager.

The benefits of WorldShare® Acquisitions

  • Direct integration with WorldCat means that you no longer need to move records from a separate catalogue database to your local system
  • The WorldCat knowledge base, integrated with WorldShare Management Services (WMS), allows you to manage the acquisition of electronic resources in the same location you manage your physical resources
  • Manage your physical serials from the same environment and leverage the shared work of libraries with cooperative serials receiving and publication patterns
  • Share vendor information
  • Save time and increase efficiency

For more information on WorldShare® Acquisitions, visit the OCLC website.

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