Electronic Resource Management

A combination of products and services allows libraries to manage their electronic collections, from the acquisitions stage to the management of subscriptions, to the automatic management of holdings and records in the library catalogue, facilitating access for users directly to the electronic resource.

With a SabiCat subscription, which includes the WorldCat knowledge base and the WorldShare Collection Manager at no extra charge, libraries can automate collection management and access processes for electronic resources. By adding the WorldShare License Manager service, libraries can easily manage the subscription process and the entire electronic resource management process.

The benefits of Electronic Resource Management 

  • Most of the services required for managing electronic collections are included at no extra charge with your SabiCat subscription
  • Automation of the maintenance of holdings on WorldCat and in your library catalogue is enabled for electronic resources
  • E-resource workflow efficiencies are improved and collection visibility is increased
  • The service lowers the cost of maintaining electronic collections and making the contents easily discoverable

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