Sabinet Online Publishing Platform

Through online publishing, African and South African publishers now have a tool to increase their effectiveness in the publishing of their journals. The Sabinet Online Publishing Platform enables South African scholarly publishers to make use of the following systems individually or in unison:

These systems can be used in any combination to specifically meet the individual needs of the publisher. Furthermore, the Sabinet Online Publishing Platform offers publishers the following benefits:

  • The system is fully customisable in terms of publisher workflows and branding
  • The Online Peer Review saves 25% of an editor’s time because of automated processes such as email templates/editor’s letters/notifications etc.
  • Copyright resides with the publisher, Sabinet only delivers the service and the local support thereof
  • Sabinet carries the risk of the everchanging exchange rate: a fixed amount is quoted for the publisher and is fixed for the year. We believe that this will help with better budget planning
  • Sabinet provides local support and training when and where needed. We strive to provide excellent client service at all time
  • All the systems can be fully integrated with services such as CrossRef, ORCID, Similarity Check, PubMed etc.
  • The integration with Sabinet African Journals will be seamless

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