Sabinet Legal Registers

Sabinet Legal Registers

Sabinet Legal Registers, offered in association with Libryo, takes the effort and stress out of managing your organisation's corporate governance and legal compliance.

Designed to give you convenience, simplicity and peace of mind when it comes to managing your organisation's legal compliance, Sabinet Legal Registers gives you at-a-glance access to information about your legal corporate governance obligations, and helps you ensure that these obligations are met on an ongoing basis.

Innovative and easy to use, Sabinet Legal Registers allows you to create unique site specific profiles that take into the account the geography of each site's location. Sites can be further classified by industry or risk item.

The benefits of Sabinet Legal Registers

  • Everything in one place: a single dashboard view of multiples sites, with detailed information about each individual site
  • Instantly find what you need with categorised, tagged and organised information linked to advanced search functionality
    • Plain English summaries
  • Receive daily updates of legislation changes relevant to your sites in an actionable format, with descriptions of how these changes impact your operations
  • Manage operational risk efficiently and easily, with tailored legislation notifications per risk item

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