Sabinet Labour

A comprehensive resource for your labour information needs, providing up-to-date, reported and unreported labour judgments in full-text.

Raise the bar with:

  • Access to 29 Labour Related Acts with all their Rules and Regulations - viewed in a list format
  • Cases related to section of the Acts - a list containing every Act and the sections of that Act that have been referred to in Sabinet Labour
  • All Labour Forms
  • Direct links to the Rules of Court, Practice directives and various Labour procedures
  • Labour and Pension Fund Judgments both reported and unreported made available within 5 days of receiving it from court
  • Judgments that are linked to articles which discuss that specific judgment. Where possible, these articles link to the full text in our South African and African Electronic Journals product (SA ePublications’ Labour Collection)
  • The only company that has all of the up-to-date Bargaining Council Agreements for all Registered Bargaining Councils
  • A – Z lists of Bargaining Councils, Statutory Councils, Trade Unions, Trade Union Federation and Employer’s Organisations which contain their contact details, Registration Notice, Intention to Register or De-Register Notices and Cancellation Notices

* Subscribers can either subscribe to the complete labour product or individually to either Labour Judgments or Bargaining Council Agreements. 

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