African Studies Collection


The African Studies Collection is a comprehensive collection of a wide range of specialist journal, media and legislative content emanating from the African continent.

Sabinet African Journals (Previously SA ePublications)

  • Almost 500 full-text African electronic journals, originating from, or pertaining to Africa
  • Fully searchable content with direct links to full-text articles
  • Easily accessible from your desktop, laptop or mobile device, with an Internet connection

Index to South African Periodicals (ISAP)

  • Indexed articles from more than 900 South African periodicals
  • Full indexing of specialist periodicals
  • Selective indexing of general and popular periodicals
  • Compiled under the ownership of the National Library of South Africa

African Journal Archive

The African Journal Archive is a retrospective open access journal service that preserves and makes available African journal literature dating as far back as 1906, emanating from a wide base of publishers and societies on the African continent. The Carnegie Corporation of New York initiated and sponsored the original project to digitise older African journals.

With over 182 African journals offering over 150,000 searchable full-text articles, the collection is the largest set of full-text African content available on a single platform.

The African Journal Archive preserves journal literature in the fields of medicine, law, zoology, agriculture, botany, history, politics, education and geology.

SA Media

SA Media is a news research and press clipping service that retrospectively covers mainstream publications in South Africa, from 1978 to today.

At present the SA Media press clipping services collection comprises over 4 million articles. With an average of 2000 new articles added weekly, SA Media is a comprehensive research tool that allows you to search local mainstream publications.

All the articles returned in the search results are available in full text, making every word in every article searchable. Related images and photographs are available in full colour for selected articles, giving you a complete resource for your research needs.

Articles in the SA Media collection are delivered in PDF format, making them easy to download, print and share by email.

SA Media comprises:

  • The original SA Media archive from 1977 to December 2014, consisting of over 4 million articles
  • The new SA Media database consisting of 37 publications


  • SACAT is an union catalogue of items held by Southern African libraries and is updated daily

The South African National Bibliography (SANB)

  • The South African National Bibliography (SANB) is an aggregated list containing the bibliographic records of all items published in South Africa

Current and Completed Research

The Current and Completed Research database provides information on approximately 150,000 South African current and completed research projects, including theses and dissertations.

  • 150,000 current and completed research projects in South Africa
  • Includes searchable abstracts with links to selected full-text theses and dissertations
  • Incorporates NAVTECH research projects
  • Covers all fields of science in South Africa since 1919
  • English titles are provided for projects in Afrikaans or other indigenous South African languages
  • Maintained by the Nexus Database System Division of the National Research Foundation

African Digital Repository

  • The African Digital Repository consists of records harvested from the institutional repositories of a number of South African and African institutions. Links to the full text within the repositories are included. 

Centre for Rural Legal Studies

  • Focused on agriculture and agricultural workers on commercial farms in South Africa
  • Compiled by the Centre for Legal Studies


SabinetLaw is an open access site focussing on the complete legislative process. Supported by factual articles written by Sabinet’s Customised Monitoring Service writers, SabinetLaw offers the latest legislative information by:

  • Highlighting all the latest government and parliamentary legislative happenings
  • Providing information relating to the official parliamentary programme, profiles of ministers and government departments
  • Unpacking and following the process including the background and development of the legislative process
  • Supplying Sabinet subscribers with links to full text documents and
  • Offering daily updates, a search function, and an interlinking function between information items.

Follow the latest parliamentary and policy happenings through our RSS and Twitter (@SabinetLegal) feeds.

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