CONTENTdm® helps you to make your digital collections available on the Web, more quickly and easily. It can manage any format - local history archives, newspapers, books, maps, slide libraries or audio/video.

Meeting all of your digital collection management needs, CONTENTdm® provides a comprehensive solution for local history archives, slide libraries, “born-digital” items, newspapers, books, letters, maps, electronic theses and dissertations, and audio/video files.

The benefits of CONTENTdm® 

  • Flexibility: CONTENTdm® is easy to learn, easy to use, fast to start and scalable for growth as your collections evolve
  • Discoverability: By publishing your collections on the Web and adding metadata to WorldCat, your collections are more visible and discoverable by local and global users 
  • Interoperability: CONTENTdm®’s import/export capabilities are compatible with legacy, local, regional and national systems
  • Standards-based: CONTENTdm® supports numerous industry standards including Unicode, Z39.50, Qualified Dublin Core®, EAD, VRA, XML, JPEG2000 and OAI-PMH
  • Security options: Restrict access to collections or items by user name or IP address, or limit access to images while allowing access to metadata