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Revision of Acrasia Rogenhofer, 1875 and description of Panhyperochia gen. nov., a new genus of putative nacophorine geometrids from South Africa (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Ennominae)

  • Journal Title: Annals of the Ditsong National Museum of Natural History
  • Volume: Volume 3
  • Issue: 
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Pages: 99  - 152
  • Authors:  M. Kruger;
  • ISSN: 22204563
  • Abstract:  A revision of the genus Acrasia Rogenhofer, 1875 is presented as part of an effort to revise a large assemblage of ennomine geometrids in the Afrotropical Region putatively placed in the southern hemisphere tribe Nacophorini. All accessible primary types were examined. Acrasia is redefined, and a total of 13 species placed in three informally named species groups are described as new: Acrasia dukei spec. nov., A. monticola spec. nov., A. robusta spec. nov.; A. accepta spec. nov.; A. amoena spec. nov.; A. lechriogramma spec. nov. (crinita group); A. grandis spec. nov. (grandis group); A. similis spec. nov.; A. nyangica spec. nov.; A. avellanata spec. nov.; A. lenzi spec. nov.; A. sympatrica spec. nov.; and A. chimalensis spec. nov. (ava group). Three new combinations are proposed: Acrasia drakensbergensis (Herbulot, 1992) comb. nov., A. ava (Prout, 1938) comb. nov., and A. punctillata (Prout, 1938) comb. nov., stat. nov. (all from Mauna Walker, 1865); the latter taxon is also raised to specific status. A lectotype is designated for Mauna ava Prout, 1938. A monotypic new genus, Panhyperochia gen. nov., is erected to accommodate P. ingens spec. nov., a taxon close to Acrasia Rogenhofer but distinguished from it by the development of the juxta in the male genitalia. Keys to the genera, as well as to species groups and species within Acrasia are provided, as are illustrations of adults and genitalia and distribution maps to the southern African species. The revision is complemented by a gazetteer.
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