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A distinctive new lentulid grasshopper from the Limpopo Province of South Africa (Orthoptera : Acridoidea)

  • Journal Title: Annals of the Ditsong National Museum of Natural History
  • Volume: Volume 1
  • Issue: 
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 63  - 71
  • Authors:  H.D. Brown;
  • ISSN: 22204563
  • Abstract:  A distinctive new taxon, Limpopoacris obeliscata gen. et spec. nov., is described from the central Limpopo Province of South Africa, with Makapansgat as type locality. The new taxon is readily referable to the subfamily Lentulinae in the Lentulidae, within which it shows affinity with the genus Gymnidium Karsch, 1896, but from which it differs in a number of significant morphological features. Insertion of an additional couplet into the currently recognized key to genera of Lentulidae, in order to accommodate the new genus, is hence provided. The locality in which it occurs is the meeting place of the 'mixed bushveld' and 'north eastern grassland' veld types, which are additionally influenced by altitudinal zonation, due to adjacent steep mountain slopes, resulting in exceptional grasshopper biodiversity and abundance.
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