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Taxonomic notes on giant southern African stick insects (Phasmida), including the description of a new Bactrododema species

  • Journal Title: Annals of the Transvaal Museum
  • Volume: Volume 41
  • Issue: 
  • Publication Date: 2004
  • Pages: 61  - 77
  • Authors:  P.D. Brock;
  • ISSN: 00411752
  • Abstract:  The southern African species of Bactrododema Stål, 1858, Palophus Westwood, 1859 (both Diapheromeridae: Palophinae) and Bactricia Kirby, 1896 (Diapheromeridae: Diapheromerinae), are reviewed. Bactrododema krugeri spec. nov. is described, while Bactrododema hecticum (Lichtenstein, 1796) comb. nov. is redescribed and discussed. Bactrododema brevitarsis Stål, 1876, Bactrododema aculiferum Kirby, 1902, Bactrododema lugardi Kirby, 1902, Palophus brevicornis Redtenbacher, 1908, Palophus holubi Redtenbacher, 1908, and Palophus transvaalensis Redtenbacher, 1908, are synonymized with Bactrododema tiaratum Stål, 1858. Phibalosoma calametum Bates, 1865, Hyrtacus carinatus Kirby, 1902, and Bactricia irregularis Brunner, 1907, are synonymized with Bactricia bituberculata (Schaum, 1857) stat. rev., which takes priority over Bactricia trophinus (Westwood, 1859). The genus Palophus is regarded as a synonym of the genus Bactrododema. Palophus titan Sjöstedt, 1913 is synonymized with Bactrododema hippotaurum (Karsch, 1896) comb. nov. Palophus rothschildi Bolivar, 1922 is synonymized with Bactrododema phillipsi (Kirby, 1896) comb. nov., and Palophus brongniarti Redtenbacher, 1908 is synonymized with Bactrododema episcopalis (Kirby, 1896) comb. nov. Keys to the adults of South African species are provided, eggs of two Bactrododema species are described, and the distribution of all southern African Bactrododema species mapped.
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