• WorldShare License Manager

    WorldShare License Manager

    WorldShare License Manager simplifies electronic resource management by consolidating the information you need to keep licenses active and to show your users exactly what resources they can access.

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  • WorldShare Interlibrary Loan

    WorldShare Interlibrary Loan

    Get resources from thousands of libraries all over the world. WorldShare Interlibrary Loan automates your cloud-based interlibrary borrowing and lending processes through the largest resource-sharing network in the world to save your staff time and to ensure timely delivery of items to the people who need them.

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  • WorldShare Management Services

    WorldShare Management Services

    A single solution for every facet of managing a library. Offering a straightforward way to manage the functions of ordering, cataloguing and circulating, while electronic resource management and a discovery portal complete this comprehensive management service.

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  • Improve Access to your E-Collection

    Improve Access to your E-Collection

    WorldShare Collection Manager, paired with the WorldCat® knowledge base, ensures your e-collections are accurate and always up to date. Save time maintaining collections, improve catalogue quality, get new print materials into circulation, manage your electronic resources and help users find your resources.

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  • Cataloguing and Metadata Subscription

    Cataloguing and Metadata Subscription

    OCLC's cataloguing and Metadata Services give you the tools to effectively manage physical and electronic resources. Automated metadata services and industry partnerships eliminate redundant steps, which gives your staff time to work on other priorities.

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    Amlib, an integrated library system allows libraries to manage all aspects of their work through a customizable interface. Amlib modules allow libraries to support catalog enhancements, circulation, interlibrary loan, acquisitions, patron management, reporting and more.

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  • Library Solutions

    Innovative library service offering including collaborative cataloguing, interlending and end-to-end library management systems.

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  • Information Services

    African journal content, news research services and South African legal information - one of the most reliable specialist information providers in Africa.

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  • Digitisation

    Preservation of your valuable documents for easy access electronically.

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